AWP, Paris

AWP - founded by Alessandra Cianchetta, Marc Armengaud and Matthias Armengaud in 2003 - is an award winning interdisciplinary office for territorial reconfiguration and design. The Paris based practice delivers architecture and urban projects in differing contexts and scales, from large scale strategic plans to buildings, landscapes, interiors exhibitions and publications. They all share the same values and visions: hospitality, beauty, an innovative dialectic between form and function, symbol and use; and a strong dynamic between architecture and place. Current projects include a 85,000 sqm housing and mixed-use sector project in Lausanne; a 70,000 sqm public space adjoining the Grande Arche de la Défense, including a unique series of new buildings; the master plan of Paris’ CBD; and Poissy Galore, a sequence of public buildings and follies set in a park by the Seine. AWP's work is regularly presented at venues worldwide such as Maxxi, Cité de l’Architecture and MoMA .